1. An Online Ayurvedic Consultation

An Initial Consultation 75-90 min. $145

  • In depth interview.
  • Analyze Prakruti – Original mind and body constitution.
  • Going through every mental, emotional and physical vikruti -Imbalance of mind, body or soul.
  • Find out the root cause of the ailment or diseases.
  • Suggestions will be given on Diet, Yoga , Exercise according to your constitution.
  • To restore balance we’ll suggest making some changes in your daily lifestyle.
  • We prefer to do conversation via Email.

First Follow up 60 min. $95
After 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation

  • We’ll go through a 2-3 weeks journey.
  • Any doubts or hurdles to follow our suggestions.
  • we’ll recommend some changes where possible.

Second Follow up 30 min. $65
After 4-6 weeks of the first follow up

  • We’ll go through your 4 weeks process and progress during that time.
  • We’ll suggest any changes in herbal supplement, diet, yoga, exercise or in lifestyle.
2. Lifestyle Management Package $495

Initial Consultation 90 min.

  • See above info about initial consultation.
  • We will do Lifestyle analysis.
  • Suggest Breathing, Pranayama, Asana and Meditation designed exclusively for you.
  • Constitutional diet, get a special Food chart especially catered for you.

First Follow up After 2 weeks 60 min.

  • Review and make adjustments where necessary.
  • All changes will be discussed in depth.

Second Follow up after 4 weeks 60 min.

  • Suggest guideline for 3 months.

How should I get an appointment?

If you are willing to have an online appointment please fill out the Inquiry Form

we will contact you for 15 min. chat over the phone.

What to expect during an online initial Consultation?

  • It is going to be for an hour and a half.
  • This consultation includes questions about the condition in detailed history.
  • You can get a chance to ask questions about your doubts.
  • You can get answers to most of your queries regarding your problems.
  • Please be ready for any personal or professional life-related questions to be asked by a doctor.
  • A doctor might need further investigation for your conditions so please be ready for it.
  • The herbal supplements can be advised by a doctor if needed.
  • It is totally your decision to go for the advised path of treatment.
  • It is a common understanding to follow the instruction to get the results from the treatment.
  • There will be no pressure to follow instructions related to your physical, mental or emotional condition to treat.

What should I keep with me during Consultation?

Please keep handy with you the following.

1. The latest blood report if you have one.

2. Any medicines if you are having at the moment.

3. Any supplements if you are currently having.

4. Any things which you think might help in taking the decision.

How can I pay?

Our preferable mode of transaction is Bank transfer and is prior to conducting online consultation.