A good library is needed to maintain a healthy atmosphere in any college. The library is in fact, the epicenter of any educational institution from where knowledge spreads in all directions.
The library covers a total area of 1800 sq fts. It has three sections. The right wing of the same size, is meant for the reading activities of teachers. There are four cubicles with the sitting capacity of eight persons. Moreover, a big cupboard has been installed in this section, wherein are placed most of the audio-visual facilities of the college. Facilities have been provided to arrange an audio-visual show for fifty students at a time, in the library itself.
The in-depth details of the library are enlisted below:


  • To Purchase Books /Journals & Periodicals as per need & Suggestions.
  • To Process The books as per Specification.
  • To Issue the books & Magazine to the Student and Staff
  • To maintain old and New Question Papers of the University Exam.
  • To Fulfill the Five Laws of Library.


  • To organize readers club
  • Essay Competition for the student of readers club
  • To provide information about career advertisement with the help of clipping notice board.
  • Quiz Competition for the student of readers club.
  • Books Exhibition cum Books awareness
  • The Library Organized library books exhibition since last seven years. Subject wise books are displayed for the period of one week in the Library.

Library Collection:

  • The college library has proved itself to be a storehouse of knowledge and information by catering to the requirements of the students and staff members in each manner possible. This treasure house can be divided into several sections:

General Collection:

  • The library possesses literature related to all subjects taught in college in the Arts as well as the Commerce faculty. There are textbooks of various subjects as well as reference books which cater to the diverse needs of students and teachers. There also exist books on sports, general knowledge as well as value-based education.

Book-Bank Collection:

  • The book-bank section has been initiated since 2003. Besides using their library tickets for books from the general section, economically deprived students of the college can obtain textbooks from the book-bank for the whole academic year.

Audio-Video Collection:

  • Besides utilizing books as a means of imparting knowledge, teachers are facilitated to experiment with new forms of educational techniques through the audio-visual medium. Facilities for the same have been provided in the college library. These include equipments like TV, V.C.D. Player and a Music System.

Structure of Library Services:

  • Working Days of the Library  ::   Approximately 280 days annually.
  • Working Hours of the Library  ::   7.15 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
College Library 11,167
U.G.C Books 4,903
Book Bank 2,048
P.G. Gujarat University 315
Gifted Books 628
Total Books 19,061