The college has a rich history of Sports, Students Activities are not only well planned but they are well prepared and enough motivated.
The students proficient in sports and extra curricular activities are not only awarded and appreciated but they are given partial or complete fee wavers under the command & control of Ms.Gayatri Vasava, Director of P.E. yet the college is performing remarkably well in its sports activities.
The Sports In-charge, in support with the college administrative and teaching staff, is taking care of the college sport. The college sports persons are representing our college at university Inter-zonal Levels, University Levels and Inter-University Levels.
Our sportsmen are representing our college at the state level and Inter-state level also. We have very good sports complex which includes Basket Ball court, Vollyball ground, turf wicket cricket ground with pavilion, Athletic ground & well equipped Gymnesiam.

Sports achievements

  • 2013-14 Judo 66kg inter-university (Amritsar)
  • 2013-14 Judo inter-college 1St
  • 2013-14 Wrestling inter-college 3rd
  • 2013-14 inter-college Cricket Runner’s up

Currently Khel Mahakumbh

  • Kabbadi   ⇒   6 Girls district 1st (price reward 3000 RS)
  • Volley Ball   ⇒   3 boys district 1st (reward price 3000 RS)
  • Judo District   ⇒   1st 66kg (price reward 5000 RS)
  • Wrestling Girls      1 60kg(5000 RS)
»   All over participation in inter college 60 students
»   Heart Run 50 Students 2014-15
»   Sport day participation 350 students