Bestow and ensure an easy access to higher education in the field of commerce in Nadiad and its surrounding rural areas and thus contribution in the development of human resources and the ultimate progress of the country.


The vision of the institution is to give a right kind of take-off to the students for higher and greener pasture as understood in the present day context, thus evolving them as sensational enterprising and compassionate pillars of society.


To emerge as an institution of great repute, dedicated to the development of our students society and nation at large both qualitatively & qualitatively. The institution aims to forge ahead with full dynamism from strength to strength in all the fields.


The institution firmly believes in the holistic development of the students taught and trained to blend and adapt themselves to the fast changing times.

To serve selflessly by providing quality education to the knowledge seeker (from and around Nadiad) with an aim to empower and uplift the disadvantaged community including the differently-able, too.