Objectives of the Alumni Association

  • To involve alumni students in the educational and extra-curricular activities.
  • To consolidate and sustain the bond between the ex-students and the Institution.
  • To seek their assistance in both kind and cash in the institution’s development and extension programs.
  • To utilize the varied experiences and activities of the alumni for the benefit of the students.

Fees & Membership

Membership to the Alumni Association is open for all ex-students of the institution with the payment of Rs.100/- as annual fees.

Life-time Membership can be availed of by the payment of Rs. 500/-

Financial Year: The Financial Year will be from 1st April to 31st March.
General Meeting: The General Meeting of the Association to be held within 180days after the financial year.
Quorum: Minimum 10% presence of the registered members will form the Quorum. In the absence of quorum after half an hour, the present members can proceed as a quorum.

Executive Body & Office-bearers

  • Executive body will be formed by the unanimous decision of the general members and the life time members.
  • Executive body will comprise of 12 members including lifetime members and the annual members. In the absence of annual members life time members can replace them. The term of the Executive body will be for 3 years.
  • Executive Body will consist of one President, one Vice-President, one Secretary and one Joint Secretary, one Treasurer, 1Jt.Treasurer.
  • From the permanent academic staff Principal to be appointed as President, senior faculty members as Vice- President & Secretary, Asst. Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.
  • In the interest of the institution any other eligible member can be invited as an invitee and advisor in the Executive body.
  • The proceedings for the election will be decided by the President as per the Resolution of the Executive body.

Powers & Responsibilities of the Executive Body

Meeting of the Executive Body will be held 4 times annually ( Once in three months)

The Executive Body has full authority to acquire and possess the necessary items/ sources to accomplish its objectives and facilitate its proceedings.


The President will chair the General Meetings and the Meetings of the Executive Body. The Agenda will be prepared after discussion with the Secretary. The implementation of all the decisions will be finalized by the President/ Secretary.

Accounts & Audit

An Internal Auditor will be appointed at the General Meeting to audit the annual accounts of the Association.

The Annual audited accounts of the Association will be presented before the General Meeting for approval.

Dissolution of the Association

This Association Stays As Long As Shri I.V.Patel College Of Commerce, Nadiad exists.

2016-2017 TO 2019-2020

Executive Committee
No. Designation Names Mobile No.
1 President Shri R. A Shah (0268)3290636
2. Vice President Shri Y. M Dalwadi 9428799455
3. Secretary Shri Mohammadsafi S. Shekh 9099030234
4. Joint. Sec. Shri I. R. Allad 9898142141
5 Treasurer Prof. C. H. Jariwala 9979226195
6 JointTreasurer Shri Jaimin Patel 9998570251
7 Shri Hemubhai Patel 9974439999
8 Shri Gokul Shah 8866898990
9 Shri Jagjeet Joginder Siddhu 8460589445
10 Prof. G. G. Momin 9824952397
11 Shri VishnubhaiValand 9879035270
12 Shri Bharat Mistry
13 Shri. M P. Rathod (Ex Principal – Shri IVCC Nadiad) 9662533929
14 Shri Amrishbhai Amin 9824485646
15 Shri Rakesh Rao 9898501983
16 Shri Mohit Shah
17 Shri NarendraNakum 9427084170
18 Shri P. D. Modh 9879014778